Exactly my point regarding rust. Marvel was found by jestdottehh btw. I'm sure this one wasn't posted or well known yet

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    WTH does this mean? We had complex strings way before rust.
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    Did I miss the /s?
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    i feel that's good that it is like that though. Because now you're don't confuse a String that is encoded with the Operating Systems Encoding with a regular String, that is encoded with UTF-8. If you want a regular string, you just lossy convert it to a regular string (losing the stuff that is not displayable) and can safely display the resulting string without thinking: "wait what format was this char* again". The cool part about this is additionally, that when the format of two different types is the same under the hood, the compiler will just optimize that away. So it's fast, and doesn't crash.

    It's kinda the same thing as why you'd use Enums instead of just integers.
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    Maybe this is a ref to telling people to consider memory safety in coding decisions. I dunno, everything is a byte to me. So I think "I" am the problem here.
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    @Demolishun I'm sure this meme is created to bash rust. I wanted a flame war
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    @retoor starting wars is a long and honorable tradition - said some Sicilian
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    If I try to estimate how many times I had to explain encodings...

    Wasn't char explicitly ASCII only?

    Encoding is where the fun / torture begins.
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    Just don't rust...
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    @Ranchonyx avatar checks out
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    @retoor It does, no?
    Sadly I can't get the white hair tips
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