As a lawmaker, I would ban smartphones thinner than ten millimetres (10 mm) so manufacturers are forced into building physically stronger smartphones with bigger and faster-charging batteries without having a competitive disadvantage.

Video: Your Smartphone is too thin. Here's why. https://youtube.com/watch/...

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    So youd be a dictator? Or just fascist?

    Also, wtf makes you think that making a thickness req would help at all with durability? Have you ever looked inside a large-ish dell laptop? They have lots of extra space and still shitty, thin, plastic shells.
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    @awesomeest "Also, wtf makes you think that making a thickness req would help at all with durability?"

    Thicker frame = more resistance against bending.

    "So youd be a dictator?"

    Yes, a benevolent one.
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    @exerceo Ticker frame does not implies resistance against bending. They can just make it with a larger hollow and made with shittier plastic.
    "But people wouldn't buy it if it was crap!" If that was true, than people wouldn't buy thinner, easily breakable phones as they do right now.

    Nope, what you can do is require that companies offer a 3-or-more-years warranty/insurance, and such warranty must cover accidental breaking due to bending.

    People never asked for buildings with ticker walls and fire resistant materials, insurance companies did. And governments made insurance mandatory, so construction companies had to adapt. Some times the way ahead is sinuous.
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    @aviophille to unilaterally make laws for a population it is.
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    @exerceo youre not getting the point kid. If <1cm is banned = (just for example) 0.1cm makes the thickness of the shell... if phones need to be >1.5cm = 0.1cm still would make up the thickness

    Especially when you get into hardware costs... look at the price of a "slim" 2.5inch hdd (typically in laptops) vs a standard size... or what happens to the cost of a flash drive per gb after it reaches a certain threshold.

    You really think a company wont use the same durability/thickness of a shell when they could cut production costs in half while boasting higher cpus, RAM, ROM and bigger/longer lasting batteries instead???

    If so, you really need to get out of tech and go study basic economics til you grasp supply and demand... then technical advancements of macro economics.
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    @JsonBoa your theory about enforced regulations is missing a key value... human rights.

    Aside from it being highly illogical in any economy fueled by capitalism or technical advances... you're missing that when people get hurt/die media coverage is huge... especially in building architecture, and the bigger the builder the exponentially bigger chance that some massive (billions in revenue) corporation owns/made it. Emotions = needing someone to blame/sue. But if you take away individual choice to prevent morons from propagating and populating... then youre the enemy.

    If people knew/accepted that they are dimwits that need to be babysat and restricted for their own good, these problems wouldn't exist.

    For the same reason ive created a hidden par, with customOS & scripts, on every computer my mother owns for the past 20yrs, computer OEMs changed what the power button does or gave everyone "administrator" titles, in name only-- u cant expect people to admit they r dumbasses.
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    @aviophille dumbass im not having corporations personified. It effects consumer goods. If you think there wont be a mob of people like you, having no life or common sense, fighting against even base aesthetics, you reaaaally need to get out of your mom's basement.
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    @aviophille clearly you aren't qualified in basic economics. Even by your own admittance, you havent been taught the basics. I had an intro to business prof that was literally a communist... i appreciate him as it made my decision to drop out and get back to irl work so much simpler. My knowledge/exp doesn't come from a class/degree/etc. ive been playing with forex since ~7, stocks before 11, professional (albeit relatively small scale then) international supply chain and logistics since about the same age.

    This is my field of expertise, possibly even beyond my dev/networking/data architectures level.
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    Phones are too big now. Hurts to hold in one hand and type at the same time
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    @MammaNeedHummus now imagine you are me... i only have 1 working hand.

    About 30% of the time i can use my other hand like a prop... assuming i have a proper (highly specific) ring stand-esq thing... the trick is to hold the phone using your pinky under it so you have more leverage to use the area of your hand around your thumb... >17yrs and its still a pain in the ass and requires breaks (especially considering im also a dev with only 1 hand to type with... still nearly 70wpm)
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    …Or just create a norm of resistance that is mandatory + a mandatory 5 years warranty.
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    @awesomeest No offense but you American communists are more capitalist any capitalist in Europe
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    A law? No. Stop that! You don't fix shit by mandates! Manufacturers will make thicker phones if people buy them.

    You can mandate things like removable/replaceable batteries because the manufacture will be anti-consumer in order to sell more produce and reduce repairability. But the State should never demand specific product design. Let consumer choose that.
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    @aviophille l2english
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    @aviophille i guarentee ive done more actual work in my life than you... and im physically handicapped yet still stand by that.

    Guarentee i also have donated more time and money to charity, helped more small businesses too.

    If you're gonna make bs blanket statements, you should be ready to back them up.
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    @awesomeest The edge would be thicker. The edge is where the power and volume buttons are located.

    A thicker phone would be superior in one way or the other. Either a larger battery, a thicker shell, or more CPU cores. Smartphone manufacturers sure as hell don't want to waste precious space.
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    Why don't you make the literal spec the spec you want. What's this roundabout thing

    You can only sell a smartphone in my country if you can drop it from 5 meters and 9 out of 10 times all the functionality of the phone still works and the screen is not cracked

    I'd also make it illegal not to have replaceable batteries, and the battery ports have to abide by some international standard for batteries (that I'm not nerdy enough to know). Cuz apple got around that shit and that's why all their prices were high

    Right to repair, too
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    @jestdotty "I'd also make it illegal not to have replaceable batteries"

    See: https://devrant.com/rants/9866760/...
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    @aviophille im not British and certainly not "posh". I also dont think i believe in a "soul"... certainly wouldnt pay for one... and ive been donating loads to charity since 3rd grade... when my closet got too full of crane game prizes. Im really good at crane games, just dont care about the prizes.
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    @jestdotty my left (effectively nonfunctional) arm still exists. Unfortunately, this asinine condition (RSD aka CRPS) has an extremely high rate of 'phantom limb syndrome'... where amputation is quite likely to make the pain worse (found this out when i first was diagnosed ~14. I asked for it to be amputated... unfortunately the bs is real).

    I have some aversion to most adaptive equipment. I refuse those amigo things (my left lower leg also got this condition, ~18), play xbox with a standard controller... when i, ironically, have experience, and tons of supplies, making custom controllers, mostly arcade sticks.
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    @aviophille @jestdotty

    I think i finally figured out why/how he keeps incorrectly using "retard" and *tard.

    You know like in animes how the animal-esq creatures (like pokémon) will just keep appending some version of the name of their creature/kinda like class... like pikachu says "pika pika"... THAT'S what he's been doing this whole time!

    Seriously, go look through comments by him on various accounts...

    He's just referring to his relexive 'self' like typically nonverbal anime creatures!

    Everything makes so much more sense now!
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    @aviophille lol... "act"...suuuure.
    Also, im autistic, no matter how brilliant or dumb i was, it's, so far, impossible for us to be on the same level. We are neurologically different at a base level. The simple fact of being able to communicate at all effectively with neurotypicals makes this, inherently, an act.
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    @aviophille u looked up mormons yet? Pretty sure you're on the same wavelengths as them.
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