Lost my auntie to a very long cancer battle.

There is a long list of people that I would've rather died than her.

Why don't workplaces have a category of leave for "literally dying inside"?

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    *sends a virtual hug*
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    I'm sorry to hear this. I expect you can get unpaid leave if you ask for it.
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    Yeah, unpaid leave should be possible here :( sorry for your loss
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    Do they not offer compassionate leave?

    Sorry for your loss 🫂
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    I'm sorry I can't donate my mother's life to resurrect your auntie. If I could, I would do it (https://devrant.com/rants/9940652/...). Sorry to hear that.
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    Sorry for your loss :(
    I’m terrified of losing my family as well.
    Mortality is a horrible thing, and it torments all of us.
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    Sorry for your loss, friend.
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    My sincere condolences.
    The battle must have been hard. I can closely relate.

    Not sure how but if you think we can do something to ease the pain, let us know.
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    Well there should be "bereavement leave"... aka a few days off when a close/loved one dies to allow for things like funerals, financial/legal bs and general grief.

    Idk what country you're from or what your work situation is. there should be some form of caveat for figuratively dying inside, from grief.

    Condolences on your loss... it sucks.

    Im innately emotion inept and i don't believe (or strongly deny) in any specific version of the cycle of life. The one thing that im pretty sure exists, for scientific reason, is some version of reincarnation.

    No matter what a soul/life-force/consciousness/sentience is, if/when we figure it out enough to dev something to gauge it, as everything else in existence, will be quantifiable. Whether through pattern, the first random thing ever or divine design... statistically, if mankind continues to exist, that quantitied value will repeat-- essentially reincarnation. Whether or not anything else happens is a mystery only the deceased would know.
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    It should be bereavement, compassionate or heck just mental health leave in some places.

    Very sorry to hear that though - it's an awful thing to go through. Take the time you need to recover and don't let anyone downplay your necessity to take that time.
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