why do i feel like sOfTwArE cErTifiCaTiOnS are the biggest scam in the world

literally zero prediction of the quality of work you will produce, cuz you could float through them anyway

i guess even more 🤡 is companies that request certain "certifications"

correct me if i'm wrong; are there certifications of the equivalent rigor like the fundamentals of engineering (fe) exam? in this sense, our industry is far behind... though to be fair 90% of software is non life / operational critical like building a freaking bridge is

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    dunno but better than nothing right
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    I never did a certificate that wasn’t just for the purpose of being presented on the company’s website for PR reasons.

    So I agree.
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    @Lensflare some of those can also be a requirement for company insurance.
    Like, "in order for us to insure you against hacking, all your devs must have cloud practitioner certifications!"
    The certs are definitely fingerless gloves masquerading as a gauntlet, though.
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    What I see as scam is certifications having an expiry date, like yogurts 🤡
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    @cafecortado How else are they supposed to sell you the same thing over and over again? Good ol capitalism baby!!
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    Yea they're such a pain. I literally only do the ones work makes me
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    The only thing Microsoft seems to want to certify is your ability to purchase Azure services.
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    Software on medical equipment needs certs, otherwise the software won't be able to be published.

    This is why most medical Equipment is still running old software, is the fact that even just a new os on those require full retesting of the whole eqipment, even of only the OS was changed from XP to 7 or even 10, and not the rest on top.
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    @max19931 making medical equipment software for Windows is the actual mistake. Same for ATMs.
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    @Lensflare but still done, because windows is everywhere desktop PCs are located.
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