Have any of you tried Firefox Quantum? What are your thoughts about it? I am thinking on switch from Chrome on macOS.

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    a better question would be "have you not tried firefox quantum?"
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    If you really want to know, I'd suggest you to search for Firefox quantum tags, it'll be much helpful
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    Really? R E A L L Y?
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    Wow, have you been absent here lately? 😵

    Anyways, fast, beautiful interface and I just love it!
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    The first fast Firefox since Firefox
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    I've been using it for a while, and I loved it at first, but I'm starting to not like it as much. It seems to be great for regular users and developers, but I feel like Chrome still has a better development environment. Also, most the time, and it does get really slow sometimes and tabs don't load so I have to close them and make a new tab.
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    @linuxxx @calmyourtities I have tried it (forgot to mention that). I just wanted the opinion of other devs
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