Goddamned apple. "Just works" my ass.
My girlfriend's 2014 MBP told her an update had already downloaded and she had no choice but to install it, which doesn't bother me. Now, though, it tries to update, then fails, and tells you to run diagnostics. Diagnostics says nothing is wrong, and says to contact support and it boots a minimal version of the OS that only runs a minimal version of safari. You try to access the chat feature and it never fully loads the chat interface. I can probably restore it, but I wanna know what was wrong. It's a really expensive brick right now.

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    Well, it is a MacBook. What more would you expect.

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    @OrionZA honestly, it was nice. I'm no apple fan, but I've yet to find a laptop with palm detection as good as a MacBook. I've had a mostly pleasant experience with it, and honestly I wouldn't mind if my next laptop was a MacBook, if you pretend they aren't way more expensive
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    When you buy a MacBook, understand that you use it for only so long as the warranty lasts and then you sell it very quickly.

    The shittiness of MacBooks is evident by the majority of models having an extended support period due to widespread hardware faults.

    Despite this, I still want one.
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    Yes, I don't hate Apple because of the public and opinions on it. I hate Apple because of the experience I've had with it. I was stuck with a Apple mobile device for quite a while, and I was so glad to finally get an Android, because Apple makes everything so limited. Even jailbreaking doesn't justify it.
    My cousin owns a bunch of Apple devices (iPhones, Macs, etc.) And of course it's easy to say that you like it more personally. But don't come running to me when your Mac doesn't let you copy photos from your cloud. There's a reason I don't use Apple products. Not to mention their obvious planned obsolescence, and the fact that they're wayyy overpriced.
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