So I'm going to get married next june. I made an app for the guests where they have all information available, can send music wishes and can share images of the wedding with other guests.

Here is my story on publishing it in the App Store:

Me: "Hey Apple, I made a small app for my wedding. Mind putting it in your store?"
Apple: "Yeah, whatever" *publishes it*

One month later:
Me: "I made really small changes, please take this update."
Apple: "Ha no, its not interessting for enough people." *rejects it*

I panic, because the app is mentiont in the invites to the wedding which are already printed.

So one day later:
Me: "Ok ok, I added a button in the intro where people can send me a mail if they are interested in using the same app for their wedding."
Apple: "That changes everything! We will accept the update."

I'm happy, that they accepted it in the end, but really?!? There are so many shit apps in the store, why do you reject any not-fart app, because it is not interesting enough??? And why the fuck do you accept it in the first place?

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    Marriages have broken for much smaller than this. 😂😂
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    Pardon my ignorance in apple products, but does this mean you can't install apps from other places than the store?
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    @Totchinuko There are ways, but nothing really usable for this situation. If all phones where in an mdm it would be possible or if everyone was using Testflight, an app for beta testers. Also the guests could install it manually, but there will be over 100 guests and many of them are old and not interested/experienced enough in smartphones to do it. Also rolling out updates would be a horror.
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    @PuzzlesDev Hum when you put it that way....
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    And that is why you should do enterprise release, and send your guests link to .IPA to install from your own server... And update app any time you like.
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    @sinisas That sounds interesting, tell me more 🤔
    That could be very usefull for next time, but now it is to late anyway, in the invites it says that they can find it in the App Store 😅
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    I hope you did it cross-platform so the android dudes and dudiens are not left out
    And dear god
    The Windows Phone crew :/
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    @Kimmax I made a seperate app for android with the same features. It was more work, but this was a great opportunity to improve my android skills and dive deeper into kotlin 😁
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    @Bitwise Thanks 😁 I just hope it will work that day ...
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    good idea with the email...
    you should make a whitelabel product and contact wedding planer agencys, to market your app as a part of a wedding package.
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    @PuzzlesDev would you mind dropping me a mail at puzzlesdev@nuernberger.kim ?
    I suppose we could do something cool together
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    @Kimmax I mailed you 🙂
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    @PuzzlesDev your Apple developer account needs to have enterprise packaging enabled. Basically this is used for corporations to have internal apps, which are distributed via corporate servers, instead of AppStore. Ad agencies use this approach for apps used in events, eg. iPad app for registering guests, which a hostess uses.

    It does not spend your 100 dev devices, it is just a non-AppStore distribution.
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    And that is why you don't develop apps for Apple. Go Android!
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