For those of you who are riding the crypto currency train I have a question. I'm looking to colocate a few antminer s9s and I'm unsure how to verify that the cooling will be adequate.

What is the best way to verify this?

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    Not sure how to verify it, though I assume Antminers have a very similar requirement as a small server, so as long as the ambient temperature is low enough and they're not closed inside a rack with poor ventilation you should be fine.
    Try asking the company for extra details?

    Also, important detail: check your miner regularly for dust buildups, those can be a real killer ovee time. Personally I'd give it a cleanup monthly, though I guess it might not be as easy in a colo setting
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    Wouldn't bother with them, if it all goes tits up the ant miners will be worthless, at least a GPU will retain a lot of its value or be used for gaming if that happens.
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    @Wozza365 if GPU mining goes tits up, GPU prices will drop so much that it won't be worth selling them either.
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    @n3xus used GPUs will still retain much more if their value. The increased demand from people waiting for it to crash will quickly level things out. I know many waiting for a crash to buy a GPU.
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