Women of devRant,

What do you look in men? Need advice.

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    (I'm sapiosexual)
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    The opposite of what your wife does
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    Intelligence, drive, soft skills, willingness to stand up for themselves. And not being a freaking soyboy.
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    Men are JEALOUS of his attractive secret… 😜
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    @shovethisrant I just found out blue whales have 8 ft long dicks. Now I’m real jealous
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    @shovethisrant It can't be that impressive or you'd be able to see it hanging down.
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    @donkulator jolly green gives grower energy
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    git contributions
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    The aura of “I have everything in life figured out”, the ability to make me feel safe, comfortable and certain about the future, his willingness to say “I was wrong” when he's wrong. Lack of hypercompensation and machismo. Respect towards my body, my personal boundaries and the word “no”.

    He can have a weak/fat body, a small penis, he can be short and not that beautiful, not that smart… It won't matter to me.
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    > The aura of "I have everything in life figured out"

    gg, I'm out 😂

    (Has anyone ever figured everything out?)
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    @saucyatom this is why I merely ask for the feeling of it, not for the actual thing. To be even clearer, I don't want to be bombarded with pessimistic what-ifs and irrational open-ended fears on a daily basis. It's okay to be afraid, but it has to translate into a concrete plan. I'm happy to do everything I can to assist.
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    @kiki Oh I see, that's a very different thing. I'd call that rather wanting them to have a positive mindset.

    As someone with a (not fully resolved) history of depression and anxiety, I know it's very hard on the partner and how it can also drag them down.
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    @saucyatom I'm bipolar type 1. I wanna say that if you have mental health problems, be honest and upfront about it. For one, it filters out people that don't want to get involved in a (very serious) challenge with you. Also, “my anxiety keeps telling me everyone, including you, is plotting my betrayal behind my back, please help me, find me a psychiatrist, I have no energy to get medical help, hug me, tell me everything is gonna be fine” is much easier to work with than “you spent way too much time with your phone in the bathroom lately. Can you explain that? Are you seeing somebody behind my back? You dishonest, backstabbing bitch”.

    Honesty takes courage, but it pays back a thousandfold.
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    Identifies as a computer, I'm interested.
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    @kiki Spot on. I only recently learned to open up thanks to some amazing new friends I've made and I made a ton of progress, but I also know that I very likely will have bad times again in my life.

    That said, I'm not looking for a partner right now, because I need to work through a lot of stuff before I'm ready to have a healthy relationship.
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    The best angles and lighting in their dick picks. The sooner you send them, the better. It shows assertiveness and confidence as well as competence.
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    I like the way this thread is basically women talking about their sophisticated emotional requirements and men making knob jokes. It's amusing and terrifying in equal measure.
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    @fruitfcker indeed
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    @fruitfcker ...and farts are from uranus.

    I also have sophisticated emotional requirements, honest.
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    * weak fat body
    * Small penis
    * Short
    * Not that good looking

    Sorry ladies I'm taken.
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