The world population is currently 8 billion.

Never in history we've been this many.

We either:

1) Continue growing and face extinction


2) Sterilize and kill the majority

Billions of death is a small price to pay for preservation of mankind and the planet Earth.

But perhaps the game has already started. May the strong survive and prosper.

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    Well volunteered, that man.
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    well, go start with yourself, nazi.
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    Let's just start with the largest density regions and work backwards from there.
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    @C0D4 I agree, but give me the time to move to Finland first.
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    This time I got it right: It‘s kanyewest.
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    Population growth is an s curve, not exponential.

    Richer nations have fewer children. And the last few nations are starting to get rich now.

    I bet the population will top off around 11b, maybe 12 with a rebound back to 11.
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    Which ones would you rid of? Assuming you have to doom those liver personally.

    Would you destroy several entire countries leaving others untouched? Or would you kill some people [again, personally] in each country?

    How will you determine how many to kill? How will you determine which ones to kill: fathers? Mothers? Children? Youngsters who are only starting to enjoy this world?

    Knowing you are not an elected leader, how will you deal with the burden of knowing that you're restricting others' right to live, breath and enjoy being alive? The same right you are exercising? They are people exactly like you: have something to love, something to reach for, their own dreams and responsibilities to their own. They pay taxes for you to get "free" goods.

    Which ones would you choose to choke to death with your own hands, while claiming you're doing this for the good of humanity?
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    If we only took what we need [not what we want] from the nature, I'm pretty positive the Earth could easily sustain twice that number of souls
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    Lets get rid CEOs and Indian scammers
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    @Hazarth imo scammers are the lowest of human scum, so I approve.
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    @Hazarth Can we include MBAs and marketers?
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