Monitored at work via Skype for business because a colleague deems conversations around ordering food for lunch is 'Personal and inappropriate use'.



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    Get the fuck out.
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    @Kimmax I know right? Literally exchanged a couple of messages to find out if anyone wanted anything, one time.

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
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    Thats retarded.

    Here i am at my work, shit talking all day in our slack chat in groups everyone can join
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    so they actually hire another human being that monitors you all day so you don't slack off ? I'd reckon it would be cheaper to just let you slack off. Also, who is monitoring the guy monitoring you? Maybe he's beating the meat in his cubicle all day... who knows
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    I believe you created a devrant account just to rant about that.. I feel you
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    Really I put office talks about all sorts of shite
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    Sucks to be you and yet I'm allowed to do what I like on slack ;)
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    This is exactly one of those perfect fitting stories for devRant
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