I finished my software development apprenticeship and aced the presentation about the software I built for the company.

I'm so happy that I no longer have to go to that workplace anymore.

Most people were toxic, rude, incompetent, slow, entitled, insulting, screaming and fake.
Most were uncommunicative.
Management was shit.
CEO was shit.
HR was nice.
But the rest of the devs were ok, kind and helpful.

Now I'm taking a big vacation to calm down from the years of torture before I can start working as a dev again.

That includes motorcycle driving, chilling with my gf and trying out NixOs (wanna see if it is really worth the hype)

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    What kind of software did you build and what technologies did you use?
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    @retoor I worked with a ton of technologies.
    I can name at this moment from the top of my head:
    C#, Entity Framework (ORM), Asp.Net, PowerShell, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL, Docker with compose, Kubernetes, gRPC, RabbitMQ, REST APIs, GitHub Actions (CI), Moq, xUnit, Postman, TypeScript and React

    The software is a Hyper-V management tool which the clients could use on our web portal. The end clients do have physical On-Premise systems which do have VMs. My software is an installed agent that interacts within the On-Premise server with our service that I also wrote. That service communicates with the rest of our systems including our web portal.
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    I shouldn't say our because I don't work there anymore. Thank god.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- cool project, smth technical
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    My brain: ah yes, perfectly normal work environment 😬
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    wat if it's like that everywhere tho

    how can u live
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    @jestdotty I do not think that it is everywhere like that.
    I can live with it by either constantly job hopping or by creating my own company
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    sounds terrible, glad you're out, enjoy that time off. you made the right call for sure

    I went a similar route 6 years ago and haven't had a week off since. some days i can barely think
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    Tip: it's the job for HR to appear nice so you trust them, but they're just corporate shills who can and would pull the floor out beneath you if it benefitted the company
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    Honestly, I *was* going to switch from Manjaro to Endeavour and then I thought why not straight to Arch... And I'm too lazy for that even though I don't work right now and do tons of other projects, e.g. I made myself a snappy voice assistant that doesn't use AI. For some reason trying a new distribution feels like too much, so I salute your efforts!

    Also what motorcycle do you ride? I recently switched from MT-07 to XSR900 and fell in love with riding all over again.
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    @cprn that's awesome.

    Also I like NixOS but I also see some flaws with it. Which is why I'm trying out Gentoo now in a VM. Might switch to Gentoo or have Nix (the package manager) installed in Gentoo next to the Portage package manager.

    I'm driving a CB125R from Honda.
    But damn your XSR is really powerful. You should do some vlogs with it. I would watch them lol
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