Client A: “What does that little button do? It looks so not fit in though. Can we just remove it?”

Me: “It basically serves as a sort function and to make those data look more tidy when you first input them. Especially when it comes from many sources, it .....blah blah blah.... So it's quite inportant to stay there according to UX basic.”

Client A: “??????????”

Me whispering: “Jon Snow.....”

Client A: “Sorry, what?”

Me : “Noooothing~ let’s talk about the other module shall we?”

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    Client: { display: none; }
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    you shouldn't feel good when your client doesn't get it. as a Dev, I think you should be polite and patient to your client. as Einstein said, only a genius can simplify complex things
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    @tysa this one particular client is the most arrogant and ignorance I have met so far.. or maybe I'm not smart enough to bring things clear to him hahaha...
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    @leeyenc92 make it a challenge to please him.
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    @leeyenc92 I understand. for me though , it's not about the client or me, it's about the product. if I don't explain it well enough to whom I am making it for, it would be unfair to my product. kinda like how painters love describing their paintings to others..
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