We are on a roll here people (side note, if You are joining the site, thank you but if you are using disposable email accounts at least wait for the verification code to arrive to said account):
So our most well know and belowed CMS that brings lots of love and feels to those that have to (still) deal with it, had some interesting going on:
Oh Joy! "Backdoor in Captcha Plugin Affects 300K WordPress Sites", well arent You a really naughty little boy, eh?
Remember that "little" miner thingy that some users here has thought about using for their site? Even Yours truly that does make use of Ads Networks (fuck you bandwidth is not free) even I have fully condenmed the Miner type ads for alot of reasons, like your computer being used as a literal node for DDoSing, well... how about your "Antivirus" Android phone apps being literally loaded with miner trojans too?
"When You literally stopped giving any resembles of a fuck what people think about Your massive conglomerate since You still literally dominate the market since alot of people give zero fucks of how Orwellian We are becoming at neck-breaking speed" aka Google doesnt want other webbrowsers to get into market, Its happy with having MemeFox as its competitor:
Talking about MemeFox fucking up again:
And of course here at Legion Front we cant make finish a report without our shitting at Amazon news report:
"French gov files €10m complaint: Claims Amazon abused dominance
Probe found unfair contracts for sellers"
More News at:

And for what you may actually came and not me reporting stuff at Legion's Orwell Hour News™ ... the free games, right?:
Oxenfree is free in GoG, its a good game, I played like 2 months after its release and I think I heard they wanted to make a Live Action movie or some sort of thing after it:

Kingdom Classic is also free:

Close Order Steam Key: HWRMI-2V3PQ-ZQX8B
More Free Keys at:

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    Wait you got me with a wordpress rant moved on to insecure plugins and apps and finished with a GOG game for free.

    That took an interesting twist of events.
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    @C0D4 Just the Legion Front way mah dude, Its a rollercoaster of emotions in the site so Im bringing you a taste of it
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    I currently maintain a WordPress site that has 58. Do I win something?
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    Well fuck me! Dont You love it when Senpai notices, You?
    This is now 2 sites CoFounders that has upvoted me while shilling my site. Though in this regard He may have not read the last bit or iunno, He could have done it just out shit and giggles too 🤔
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