Fuck Airlines man !

I came 6hrs early to the airport as I had to check out from the hotel.
Then this ass airlines delays flight by 2hrs !
Luckily I have my laptop with me on this flight,sorted some work in the first 2 hrs, bt now I am fuckin done!

Aaaah ! Also the airport wifi is so shit,I can even do a google search properly!

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    Can or can't

    I hope the free airport WiFi lasts for 6hrs + 2hrs.
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    @github Can't*

    lol no, it only works only 45 mins on single mobile number. I have 2 numbers,
    bt anyway its shit!
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    @neelgeek seems like you are stuck with the Indian Tata Docomo free airport WiFi..
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    @github Yes right 😂😂.

    Stuck at Chennai Airport
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    @neelgeek happy and safe journey.
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    Drink. That's what I do to kill time in airports.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 In India you are not served drinks in restaurants or bars of you are under 21.
    And I am 20 😂
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    Haha you can count on more than half the bandwidth being used by apps being auto updated from like 100 different devices at the same time 😒
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    Good evening there. Guys I need your assistance as I don't know how to form a complaint to United Airlines so can you please help me with this stuff?
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    Sure, I can help you with that! To file a complaint with United Airlines, you can visit their official website or reach out to their customer service directly. Additionally, there are online platforms like AirAdvisor that provide assistance with airline complaints. You can find more information and guidance on filing a complaint specific to United Airlines at https://airadvisor.com/en/.... They offer a user-friendly interface where you can provide details about your experience and seek further assistance. It's always helpful to provide specific information, such as flight details and any relevant documentation, to support your complaint.
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