!rant but I am confused a bit..

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    There should be a third one called "Mozilla" and a fourth one called "".
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    @octogato yep, but I was looking at that picture in a mathematical manner: Permutations 😉
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    The firefox stands for the tor browser ? They use gecko too
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    @Prometheus nope, it's company's computer with chrome, ff, opera, ie11 & edge 'only'.. and no, was just running ff, ie11 & chrome at that time & they all have separate icons.. o.O
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    This used to happen with older versions of Chrome too. If I remember correctly it was because Firefox registers itself as an audio player and then adds separate tabs as they start playing audio.
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    Updaaate! xD Even the PicPick voiced up!
    Anyways, just wanted to share the name of my vm.. xD
    Happy holidays to whomever it might concern!! ;)
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