I have to update Visual Studio Installer before I can remove Visual Studio

Makes sense

Thank you Microsoft

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    a little more

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    Microsoft, just rubbing it in. (Eww)
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    Smart ide they said...
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    Actually, it updated the installer so "in case" you wanted to add features, you could. It's not that weird at all, you're just missing critical thinking.
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    Maybe Microsoft thought,

    "What if the reason for your uninstalling is solved in the newer version?"

    Just weird Microsoft stuff.
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    Oh god visual studio.

    I have flashbacks to trying to uninstall it to this day.

    Although if you're using it because you need to it makes sense. Uninstalling it is a pain last I did it.
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    @Artemix from a technical point of view, they began to distribute VS and other packages via an "installer manager", practically, what you see there it's the manager, so it needed the upgrade to allow updating packages (that manager it's also triggered via VS "Add features")

    I think, that if we speak about managing code base and DRY, it's more DRY than the manager "manages" install/uninstall vs having to keep a single uninstaller for one and each thing that the manager "manages"

    But that's just my point of view, I don't work for MS nor have anything to do with the dev team, but at least, if I was on charge of that, that's the approach I'd take (to handle packages and software install/uninstall).

    I know that we, devs, sometimes go full hard-on saying "Oh, yeah, that's stupid, that's not how you do it", and maybe yeah, that's not how it's meant to be done, but also we have the freedom to use whatever we want, or if nothing suits our needs, build it.
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