Just need a bit of advice here.

Background: I'm good with backend web development. Won't say I'm really good, but yeah, I've done it quite a bit and built few sites locally.

At this point, I wanna know if I should continue learning and get really good with PHP (maybe get certifications). Or, start learning Python and try frameworks like Django or Flask. Also, this coming summer, I wanna do some kinda internship but before that I need to be good with something.

Some advice would help :D
Thanks and happy new year!

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    Broaden your horizons...

    Actually python is relatively easy language for the most part, but learning multiple languages will help you in the long run when you may need to pick up another language overnight and all ready understand a more strict language then PHP, if your using PHP in a strict OOP way rather then chunks of code everywhere then moving onto another language won’t feel to foreign either.

    Wait there’s PHP specific certs? Who knew!
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    @C0D4 yeah that's true but, before I apply for internships I want something I can be confident about. Like, you know, being good at a language.

    Yeah there's one by Zend x)
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    @shahlin then I’d suggest getting better at PHP and PHPUnit before jumping language.
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