The ultimate "I am vegan" guy will be arch linux user, vegan, trans, crossfitter and cryptocurrency investor. I've just met guy like this in my job. He did not shut up for a while. I am not sure whats he doing and whats his job but my guess is that hes paid for spreading cancer, sucidal toughts and eatig your will to live and talk with people...

R - retard
M - me

R: Hey CopyPasteCode I found this bug, it does 'this' insted of 'this'. *spreads arms to see his "muscles"*
M: *headphones off* Ok, I will look into it... *headphones back on*
R: Btw you invested something in the crypto, didnt you? Ive invested... ...bitcoin... ...crypto... ...litecoin..., do you think that... ...something... ...bla bla bla?
M: *tries not to kill myself after his 5 minutes of monolog* Ye sure
R: By the way Ive found this awesome vegan restaurant that accepts litecoin, would you like to come sometime?
M: *10 minutes monolog about vegan food and shit. At this point I want to die* Ok, I will now work on that back, see you later.
R: ye sure bro (wtf, "bro"?)... *looks like hes walking away* *teleports on my otger side touching my monitor*
WOW you are also a Limux user? 😮 Ivr installed arch linux this weekand and its so awesome, *another 6 minutes of monolog*
M: *smiling and preparing to kill him or myself* Nice, awesome *fake smile*
R: Anyway, I gotta go (FINALLY!!!), btw, I am going to the *name of local trans and gay club*, wanna go with me?
M: *after a month after a breakup with my GF (because she was cheating on me) which everyone in the office knew...)* Not really *trying to thing how to say "fuck off" without having meeting with HR*, I cant, I already have somethimg.
R: Oh, ok. Btw, you are rly cool bro (again), we should hang. We should hangout more often...

I hope someone is paying me for loosing 27 minutes with this guy.

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    Btw I am not as long as you dont need to talk about it with me how gay you are for 5 minutes constant.
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    Holy shit this is gold ahahaha
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    Well at least it seems like he was trying to be friendly. It could have been worse.
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    He loves you bro.
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    New best Friend
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    Sounds like "he" is obviously Into you.
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    Hm, what was the latin for it?
    Archius Transus?
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    Autocorrect correted my first comment too much apparently. It should say "I am not homophobic...", sorry 😅
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    @irene yeah, that's what she said ;D
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    @irene not gonna go into details, but it's of pythonic proportions :p

    Hue hue hue
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    But does he own a hybrid?
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    Man, you gave him the same treatment that hot girls give to the average Joe.. :D
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    You should ask him with a serious smiley face "have you heard about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ?". Usually JW are incompatible with the traits that he exhibited.
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