Friend: Dude, could you look at my code, see what's wrong??

Me: Its not indented. Indent is properly first..

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    Working as indented, very poorly.
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    *indent it properly.

    Me : Say it properly first.
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    Agree, it's just a complete annoying and waste of time debugging an unindented codes 😂
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    @mooboy lol u got me 😂
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    At first I was thinking Python or some similar language where indentation is very important as that would be valid reason it isn't working beyond just readability
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    set ts=4
    set sw=4
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    Every. Single. Time.
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    If your editor/IDE can't do this for you, you're using the wrong tool
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    I wish I could upvote your comment eight times. Functional whitespace is nonsense. I always indent my own code, because it's easier to read that way. But as a prerequisite for the code to even work? Ridiculous.
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