How do you fit QA inside the weekly sprint?

At the end of a sprint, the team should be able to give something deliverable such as a new release.

How could the developers team integrate their work with the QA team along this week?

I mean, should we test individual features with QA as soon as they’re merged or make a pre-release test with all new features together before releasing? Develop 80% of the time and reserve last 20% for tests?

Could you share something or recommend any links?

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    Very Good question !
    If I know at the beginning of a sprint that I'm going to spend a lot of time doing QA, I'd add a QA story in the sprint. So that team members know I'm on it, and spending time on it does not mess up the velocity computation too much.
    If it's more regular/stable, invest a reasonable percentage of your sprint time to do QA without creating stories for it. Velocity will be lower be should remain stable.
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    In our team, once a story is implemented, the qa team begins to test this story. It's not transitioned to "done" until the qa team says so.

    Of course this only works because we have our build server spit out a build on every Checkin to dev.
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