Imagine going back in time to 1956
to show the Inventor of the 1.5m wide and 1.7m high IBM 350 Hard Disk storage unit with a total of 5MB Storage size this...



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    By the way... The data of one IBM 350 would fit 256000 times in that hand.
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    i heard something like if cars went on the same pace as computers, a lamborghini would cost $1 and get 1000000 miles to the gallon
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    I just received a Raspberry Pi Zero in the mail and I feel a sense of wonder as well.

    My first computer back in the 90's is nowhere near as powerful as this mini computer that's the size of my pinky finger.
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    I'm pretty sure there are 400gb cards available...
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    They would burn you alive!!
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    @olback 512gb from Kingston are coming out..
    Anyway... Is the guy in the picture building a NAS?
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    I saw an article about a 512 micro SD recently.
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    When you return to the present, take a stop in 1970 and prevent the Doctor Who Volumes from getting overridden. 😉
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