I have this Ex. We were 3 years and she broke up with me because she's still in love with her 1st love. Im in pain right now. We broke up December 27, 2017. What should I do? Im so sad right now

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    Erm.. welcome to devRant?
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    Forward ever
    Backwards never

    You deserve better than her man
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    @karma the problem is im trying to do everything to forget but its so hard :( i play basketball almost everyday :(
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    Setup Android Studio,
    U will end up forgetting everything !

    Still u feel sad ,and could not forget her,

    Go for the ultimate!
    Setup Visual Studio!
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    @Nawap what is virtual studio?
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    @KaiserX time heals all wounds. Just try to get your mind of of it. Play basketball play games . Better socialize Kai get out more.
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    @apollotonkosmo im trying. Im trying to move on but yeah time. I need more time.
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    Install Gentoo.
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    @SoulSkrix what did it felt when you were over you ex?
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    @LastDigitOfPi thank you
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    @KaiserX then find a nice basketball lady 😉😄
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    Occupy yourself.
    Do sport. Meet friends. Do things you like. Talk about it. Focus on positiv stuff. Start a side project.

    What ever you do, occupy yourself. There comes nothing good from living in the past, dwelling on memories. I've been there. And do some sport (comming from me, lol), it releases some crazy hormones in your brain that make you feel better.
    Trust me!

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    @karma good point hehhe but its hard finding baskketball. Lady. Heheh
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    @SoulSkrix thank you. Ill take note of that
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    @Wack thank you
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    masturbate, realize that reality is so full of torture, unlimited amounts of suffering occur every second that reality ticks on.. there is literally no point to life, whether you cry, lie in bed for 20 hours a day.. whatever, do what you want
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    A short but sharp rebound... Go to a few parties, go a bit too far, wake up in a strange bed between 3 people and an alpaca.

    Sometimes you need to burn everything down, really hammer the nail into the coffin with a sledgehammer.

    Then you end up in a gutter, with some sunlight on your face, and you think... I'm ready to build shit up again.
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    1 - Visit GitHub.
    2 - Browse through.
    3 - Read comments.
    4 - Use your hands.
    5 - Push stuffs.
    6 - Clean stuffs.
    7 - repeat steps 2 to 6.


    1 - Visit Pornhub, follow steps 2 to 7.
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    @CurseMeSlowly hahaha you really know your stuff
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    Microsoft Visual Studio!
    Didn't hear abt it!?

    One of the classic ide out there
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    @bittersweet works too, however not every one likes to go over their limits.
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