When your girlfriend deletes the private repository after breakup

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    Ummm she done what? @lesnar. Dude I saw your earlier rant we deserve every detail of this story. Also why did she know your password?
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    @ThaOneDude We shared the private repository as 11 months back, I insisted her to use GitHub (I gave the mechanical steps) as a communication tool. I thought it would be exciting and it continued.

    She deleted it.

    I will share my story from the very beginning.
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    @lesnar Dude if she that spiteful i think u are better off without her. Full story soon please.
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    @ThaOneDude Thanks for reminding. I need to change my passwords for all accounts as well. A lot of work left!
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    Ouch! That must hurt, a lot. A man's GitHub is his sanctuary, you do not shit on a man's sanctuary.
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    Doesnt match you stole it from some9ne else
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    Lesson learnt never share ur password of any to anyone!
    Even ur wife!
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    Sorry to hear man...

    For me it was the opposite tho 😯 had no time before, but after the break up I'm pushing code almost daily
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    Good thing your local git repository is a clone of the remote. Nothing lost except respect.
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    @JKyll or a woman's! She should know better. What an asshole
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    This is 100% fake :|
    Look at the contributions from October
    He had more contributions AFTER "his exgf deleted his repositories" 😑
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    @Bl00D4NGEL The color rescales. Max contribution of a single day is set to darkest green, zero is set to gray, the rest scales along that range. Dark green can be 1 contribution with zero contributions the rest of the year.
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    On the October, did removing a repo increase your commit count? And light green squares means maximum 3 commits so your last year commit count cant be more than 1300-1400 until you didn't commited 10000 in a day lol. I got you 😄
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    Did noone notice that FONT?
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    @EaZyCode it's impossible to miss unfortunately
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    @bittersweet I didn't know that. But to be fair it still looks fake af
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    @Bl00D4NGEL Yeah I'm not defending this post at all, it smells a bit too much like ++bait.

    Lost repository is rarely dramatic, unless you were using it as an issue tracker or as a sole backup.
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