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    Congratulations! What's next?

    PS: considering today's society, you might want to add a "prefer not to say" or "other" option for the gender. :)
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    the gender option should be deleted

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    You might add:







    Cis Female

    Cis Male

    Cis Man

    Cis Woman

    Cisgender Female

    Cisgender Male

    Cisgender Man

    Cisgender Woman

    Female to Male


    Gender Fluid

    Gender Nonconforming

    Gender Questioning

    Gender Variant



    Male to Female









    Trans Female

    Trans* Female

    Trans Male

    Trans* Male

    Trans Man

    Trans* Man

    Trans Person

    Trans* Person

    Trans Woman

    Trans* Woman



    Transgender Female

    Transgender Male

    Transgender Man

    Transgender Person

    Transgender Woman



    Transsexual Female

    Transsexual Male

    Transsexual Man

    Transsexual Person

    Transsexual Woman


    Like Facebook
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    How do you store passwords and compare them when logging in? Here would be an example how to use bcrypt: https://stackoverflow.com/questions... you should never store passwords in plaintext.

    Talking about storing data. You shouldn't use "mysqli_" functions (and definetly not "mysql_"!) but instead use prepared statements (PDO). Here is a, IMO pretty good, tutorial for it: https://phpdelusions.net/pdo

    Oh and as a "bedtime story", I'd reccomend to read http://www.phptherightway.com/

    Also feel free to ask questions.
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    I would add the email field under the last name, for me it looks nicer not to type first an password and than the email.
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    With the first check, you just iterate over every post field and check for emptiness. If there are none, the validation will not fail. Better to declare at least a list of expected keys and validate for them.

    Always remember:
    Rule #1: all input is evil
    Rule #2: don’t trust the client
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    @SteffTek Don't forget Apache Helicopter from the gender list... 😂
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    That looks way more complicated than coding this simple php form. @SteffTek
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    You could declare $error_message first and then use .= to add errors to it. The user would see all the errors rather than just one. If you wrap your errors in p tags it'll look nice too.
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    @SteffTek wtf

    Should add a text input field instead, you don't want to get sued for not posting the correct or up to date list 😂

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    @tomiolah1998 sorry for forgetting 😫😫

    @Phlisg I searched for "Facebook gender list" 😂😂
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    No. Make it ask what genitals you have 😉
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    xx/xy chromosome
    Get the fuck out of here I have complicated shit to focus on.
    I don't care what you do—just don't fucking bother me with this shit.

    People are changing races now and even making shit up.
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    Dude it's great you have the time to figure this shit out—i don't and I don't give a fuck. I'm a guy who likes women. What you do with your life is none of my business.
    How I look at it if you have a dick at birth you're a guy if you have a vagina at birth you're a girl.

    If you're offended by my opinion you have to rethink what you value in life. I'm a guy who you probably never gonna meet. With 97% certainty I'm in a different country and have ZERO influence over your life. Buy a bigger set off balls grow thick skin and get on with your life man.

    That's it for me man social construct or not.
    Keep it simple stupid
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    You forgot:

    Attack Helicopter

    Cheddar Cheese

    Mechanical Pencil

    German Tiger Tank
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