Has anyone else noticed that this community is maybe having a slight inflow of toxic people?

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    No you asshole.
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    @romangraef ++1 again because, yes!
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    @romangraef Ok. Was that a joke?
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    I see always happens as a group grows bigger.

    I dare say if the right tools are not designed to handle such people, then what follows will be that all the good people will leave to someplace else, and the whole cycle repeats itself.
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    FX [ Beavers away on Noah's Ark.. ]
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    Down side to growth, you can’t control the types of people that show up at your door.
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    @C0D4 @Nanos That is true unfortunately.
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    What is toxic? We are on here to rant out the frustrating things in our profession.
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    @georgelynch What I mean is some people are very disrespectful to others and their views. Not ranting but just downright ridiculously rude.
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    @ThaOneDude ok I get it and agree we can bash the frustration in the profession but be cool to each other..
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    I've yet to see anywhere with the perfect tool set to be honest.

    I've seen a few places get close.

    My hope is to one day build a place that has a good enough tool set for the task.

    I know technically, the internet is itself that, but its not really that easy to find each other. :-)

    Though I'd quite settle for someone else to build the tools and I just enjoy using them, but after 30 decades, I'm growing tied of waiting for someone else to do it !

    So I try and nudge things along in the right direction when I can for now.

    Ideally you want a test system full of unpleasant folk to test new tools on..

    And evolve them quickly as you notice how folk get around them.

    I think keeping things as simple as possible works best, as over complicated tools can end up giving the bad guys the tools against the good guys !

    I watch with interest here how the system evolves.
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    @Nanos 30 decades? Dude you have been alive for 300 years!!!
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    "Toxic people"?

    If you're referring to memes you dislike, USE THE FUCKING ALGO.

    If not then idk what you're referring to lol
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    @jhh2450 Lol nah. I just saw comments that werent so great.
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    Whoops, you got me, I'm really Professor John Oldman.. :-)
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    @ThaOneDude Ah ok. I've seen a good bit of meme bashing (and people bitching about what others post) these last few weeks. It's getting old.

    But as for comments, well pieces of shit people tend to find their way into every community. It's best to just flag their content and try to flush them out.
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    @AlexDeLarge @AndSoWeCode

    Also @Root lol

    *Grabs popcorn*

    (This comment in no way is an accusation)
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    I am always toxic
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    Fuck this shit, fuck everything...
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    @AlexDeLarge no no no, it really wasn't an accusation, I just wanted to see your reactions.

    Please kindly do NOT fuck off, you are one of the most entertaining characters on devrant 😓

    What exactly would devrant become if we took away the toxicity? 9gag & twitter mashup? 😧
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    Please, if I am being toxic to anybody that does not deserve it by being the definition of "toxic", point me to it. I will gladly take responsibility and improve. But please, don't mistake my rare long trips by train where i get fed up by all the swear word vomit directed at inoffensive targets and decide to call them up on this, with me being toxic.
    My scope is to be a wake up call, so that this behavior isn't as encouraged around here.

    If you all agree that this is bad, then my mission was a success. Can we move on now?
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