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Are you sick of windows 10 sending you intrusive reminders about updates? Are you tired of random unscheduled restarts? Tired of feeling like you have no control over your own computer?

Take back control!

Seriously guys: pick a time convenient to you, and take 5 or 10 minutes (when you're likely spending hours at your computer), and do them. Not only will you get rid of the annoying notifications, but you'll also keep your pc safe and secure by keeping up with security patches. C'mon people, it's really not that difficult.

And can we please, for the love of all things holy, stop the circlejerking? You're developers, you are the computer proficient. The only things a PC will do are the things you tell it to do. Dig deep, dig into the registry, dig into the services manager, dig into the fucking settings cos a good number of the most common complaints can be fixed in the basic options menu. Tell your computer to stop doing the things you don't like and it will stop.

It's really not hard!

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    @7root but that's at most 5w.
    5w * 24h * 30d = 3.6kWh, which, if I was using the most expensive electricity on Earth, would be a bit below 1€ per month, or around 10€ per year, which is around 1% of the price of a computer, and less than 10% of the price of the OS, or a lot of software out there.
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    @7root before you turn off your computer, check if there are any updates. If there are any minor updates, do them, reboot and shut down. Leave the major ones till a more convenient time to you
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    @AndSoWeCode at most 5w? Really?
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    A reboot does not kill the power....
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    It is fucking trendy to whine on Windows and Microsoft. Kids think that it is cool to do so.
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    Microsoft has some very good tools. And even windows could be considered a good product. Overall... not for developers though. Unless you're stuck developing for windows. Then, good luck
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    @7root a mechanical 3.5" HDD on load is 10W. It heats up to hot with that power.
    Your entire computer, monitors and printer are probably below 10W total. Your amp - depends on the amp. But you can turn off the amp by itself. TV - same, it doesn't matter if it's 720p or 8k. If it's off, it's off. Standby mode is almost no power, thanks to modern low-power circuits on standby.
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    @Torbuntu Change companies? Not having any control over my machine would drive me crazy.
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    @Player2 I use linux. Not a problem when I can install updates at the same time while I'm using it.
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    Hey no offense but not everybody has an abundance of internet!!!!
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    @lunorian they do that already
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    They do, ever heard of "workhours"?
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    Use a cloud or VM instance of Windows instead of on a real computer. That way, you can initiate updates, disconnect, and not wait for anything. Turn Windows into just another application window. You will feel much much better.
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    I am using windows for around 5 years now. And using the windows 10 insider fast ring for last 1 year. I get more update then normal people. (New os update every month). Not a single time windows automatically restart to update. It always ask and I always snooze until I want to update.

    I don't know how to fuck your window is start update without your permission.
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    Of course I'm going to delay it as long as I can so Microsoft can fix their update before I have no choice but to update. This forced update may then break my computer like it did a few months ago. 👍
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    @Torbuntu at that point windows still won't autoupdate, at least if your it dept's in any way competent
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    @Torbuntu that's a fair complaint, to be honest
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    @7root simply put your hungry devices on a separate power strip. The computer is really not consuming almost anything on idle.
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