Today my classmate came up to me and said he was a hacker.

I told him to prove it, and guess what? HE ACTUALLY HACKED GOOGLE!

It was amazing! He impressed so many kids in the class with his skills of pressing F12! How impressive is that?

He even wore a black hoodie and can spell his name in binary code. Not to mention, he changed google doc's page color to black and the font to green as he typed his essay.

I need to be careful... This 1337 h4x0r is really scary.


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    Palpably sarcastic posts are always fun to read! ;-)
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    Noob question here what does 1337 even mean ieet? Leet? 🤷‍♂️
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    I once had a friend ask me to make a one page website for an assignment. So I was like sure, it's an opportunity to practice, and practice makes perfect. I tell him to just email me the rubric and the information I need to include. I open the email and read the rubric and he wanted a website made using......

    Google Sites.

    My next email: "Sorry man I really haven't used that so idk. I thought you wanted it to be coded from scratch."
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    It means leet.

    1337 h4x0r is a way of saying elite hacker.
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    OMG! Is my Facebook protected? Can your friend hack me? I will shutdown all electronic devices and cry in the basement. I am afraid!!! 😨
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    Beware in leet.
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    @Michelle 1337 is tough.
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    I used to say I was a hacker in school... Then I took an arrow.... Nvm.

    Anyway, I would then correct them that what I meant is the actually correct term, not the computer security side of things but making things do what they didn't intend to do. Then I went and played MUD's... #imold
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    @wokeRoach But it's not even hacking. Don't bull shit if you wanna show off.
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    😁 heh heh heh.

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    @Michelle I've always wondered what Leet meant (Leetcode, leet hacker, etc).

    Somehow I always forget to look it up when I'm seated in front of a web browser.
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    Why is it that @Michelle's rants always have ~3x ++'s than average?
    Just how ಥ_ಥ

    ( also nice rant :] )
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    It is leet.
    Turn it upside down.
    Now the 7 looks like an L.
    33 like EE, and so on.

    Post in Leet-Speak:
    1T 15 1337.
    TURn 1t up51D3 d0wN. n0w Th3 7 l00x L1k3 4N L.
    33 l1k3 Ee, 4nD 50 0N.

    Got it? ;)
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    It refers to elite.
    Because only elitary people get it ;)
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    @TylerDDevRant I must be elite to use the English language like a moron?
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    @michelle Did he get that hoodie from a hackathon?
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    next time show him this:
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    I put on a show with the fact that I hack. But I can actually hack and know it isn't easy at all. But yeah smoke and mirrors makes you feel like a god and I sorta enjoy it. @Michelle
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    I did almost the same in school, the difference was I did arp poisoning the network and mitm everyone in class and send out forged dns replies so everyone landed on my phishing google page that I had wroted hacked. Everyone thought I had hacked google and a magician never explain his tricks. 😂
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    The guys of hackertyper forgot to implement a keystroke when the mouse has been clicked?
    You can not hack with a smartphone xD
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    @wokeRoach I'm just saying don't bank your impressions off of a lie. If you do, then they'll want more from you and you're not going to know shit. Thus they'll see you're a liar and you'll just be some computer dork. 🤷
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    @TylerDDevRant :D man the app was about pressing random keys fastly and look like a movie hacker. I guess there was a combination which should show a "access denied" or "access granted" message as well :)
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    I'm shaking
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    Welcome to devRant. :)
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    @Michelle thanks good to be hurr
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    He knows his name in binary, but can he starts using utf8 please 😆
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    Hack the planet
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    1337 15 7h3 3451357 7h1ng 3v3r
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    Easiest nearly broke my brain.
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    You mean there's an easier way? What I am supposed to do with all these buffer overflows then?!
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    @Gophyr Release a patch and call it Spectre hotfix :v
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    @TylerDDevRant you can totally hack with a smartphone. Surely you're being sarcastic.
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    I think I interviewed your friend. I had to tell HR to stop choosing who I interview.
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    @MojoJojo 😂😂 nice name
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    @riteshx95 thanks!!
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    fuck society.
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    @Gophyr sanitize the input.
    Don't let him control the eip register now! 😂😂😂
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    Rant not found...

    Thanks for capturing that :)
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    Sarcasm at its peak.. 😂👍
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    Noon question here, how does " 1337 h4x0r" mean "elite hacker"
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    Leet → sounds like elite
    Haxor → edgy way of saying hacker
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    pwn3d 4g41n
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    Noob question here. What's F12?

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    Haha, I'm not falling for that lol.
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    I don't believe that he writes essays himself. I guess he found a writing service with nice reviews on https://essayservicesreviewsclub.com/... and uses it. So do I by the way lol.
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    hacker - sounds proudly. I wonder where he learned this.
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    Yes, you're right, the hacker sounds proud, but not so simple. I studied the topic of computer security and at such a large company as Google security at the highest level, it is very difficult to crack them, but I think it is possible. For example, I don’t understand anything about this and while studying computer technologies I just went to the site https://essayuniverse.net/best-essa... and chose one of the best services that my term papers wrote, so for me computer technologies and their security have remained an area of fantasy. I definitely can never become a hacker.
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