Smashed the screen on my beloved LineageOS Moto G4 last night.
(Alcohol may be partly to blame.)
Any suggestions for a cheap Android phone with a stable release of LineageOS?

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    I am fighting to get it to work with My old Moto X Style :(
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    @Linux Damn. Worked fine on my G4, that's why I'm trying to hold out for an officially supported phone, I want it to just work.
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    Is the G5 supported? Wife has the G4 and I have the Z2 Play
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    @Linux Looks like a work in progress at the moment. I suppose I could always just get the same phone or get the screen fixed
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    A screen replacement is very cheap on ebay, and youtube is probably full of tutorials.
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    Mi A1, Moto G5 Plus, Moto G5s Plus, OnePlus (not so cheap but!)
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    Does the Mi A1 have a USB-C or a Micro USB connection?
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