I didn't know PHP was created as a "template language" and Rasmus Lerdorf(PHP's creator) himself rejected PHP to be a "business logic language" at first. But PHP 7 Freaking rules!

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    I remember when it first appeared, it was a glorified shell script,somewhat more useful than plain cgi (that's right kids, cgi was the only useful way to get interaction in a Web page, sometimes they used bash directly, fun times 😄). It sure did a long way.
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    PHP takes way too much resources tho. Especially on small devices lile rpi3. I know php is originally made for servers, but still. I mean I had to combine php and python for terminal IO.
    Php as a wrapper and python for the IO.
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    The only thing PHP rules is the graveyard
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    @gitpull symphoy does a great job though...
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