Well, I have a friend working on a major bank in my city. Yesterday we went for a coffee when he told me that the wifi connection that the costumers can use is the same as the network they work in. Like, are you fucking me? Do they know what security means? Jesus Wallace, wake up!
And they have a fucking "web security guy" working there. Doing what? Installing ccleaner on pcs? This shit gets me mad. And that's why I don't trust banks.

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    When everyone comes in costumes security gets tough anyway :)
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    @Verstrahlter but still, they had to be more self conscious about that. I mean, having a free, password less wifi that is the same wifi u use on the banks network? Jesus.
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    I interned in a company, where they had different network for different project team!

    And only two connection was configured for open internet.

    The bank has serious threat , just transfer all ur money to different bank, if u have any account in that bank
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    @Nawap I don't, but my wife does. I've already talked to her and she'll do that later today
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