Got rejected today with the reason that I looked tired in the job interview.

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    Welp, here go my chances.

    Sorry for you, but it might be a good thing in the end if you had to endure remarks like this every day.
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    @NoMad @Jilano
    Yeah that's what I thought.
    They seemed awesome but if that's there reason the atmosphere can't be good.
    I'm just a calm guy but really motivated and I like to learn new things all the time, especially in the different fields of software development.
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    Basic human emotions -- ommited from resume
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    were you actually tired or not??
    because I would not want exhausted people around me
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    @tinybyte then i guess we can never be friends
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    I am happy you didn't end up becoming part of this company.
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    @tinybyte A non-exhausted fellow JS/PHP dev?

    how big is your stockpile, and are you willing to share your amphetamine
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    How dare you bring your humanity in to this office, we expect mindless slaves not people.
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    I was not but I have a very calm personality.
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    That actually I have been warned of numerous times already.
    Don't come tired to the interview.
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    I was not tired at all
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    I should be fired on spot for this 😂😂😂😂
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    @SAM41 Not saying that you were.
    Just quoting what I've been told.

    On the other hand, an interviewee must show excitement. Can't blame people for looking for that quality.
    So even if your normal appearance somehow resembles lack of motivation they might give up on you.
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    it's just a matter of time management and prioritize my work
    I always have loads of work, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my health for this
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    Yes! fuck them! Let them hire that smily-ass do-all jquery wordpress plugin guy who'll lead them straight to huge and terrible fail!
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