As a student on platforms like these, hearing people talk about languages and concepts you've never heard of

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    you learn a lot here on devRant by just googling what the people here are saying.

    Heck, I'm a graphic designer and can't code but I'm totally able to understand what you devs are talking about after 2 years of devRant. 😄

    So keep googling, it's one of the most important skill.
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    @heyheni I think education via google outweighs my traditional education at this point ...
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    @Ceramics good! 😄👍
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    most special knowledge from school is obsolete after some years.
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    Ye dont worry, youll learn a dickton from the people here.
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    Feeling this so hard, I feel like I'm barely anything more than a fetus when it comes to code and programming, it's terrifying. Terrifying, yet oh, so much fun. :P
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