THREE DAYS of debugging, reading all the logs I could find, creating tens of new logs in our appliaction, and SUDDENLY an email from your IT admin:

"Hey your CURL requests are being rejected by my !oh so secure! firewall rule".

Not that I haven't said at the beggining, that THIS IS YOUR F...G NETWORK PROBLEM because we get "connection reset by peer" errors, and you ASSURED that everything is CHECKED and OK!

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    I have a theory that sysadmins only exist to make our dev lives harder.

    I can't wait for the day when automation makes their jobs redundant.
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    @PaulTheSaltyDev That is not a theory but pure fact 😑
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    some sysadmins are such bastards, but there are some good sysadmins too.
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    As someone who is both dev and sysadmin at the company...
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    @stop @PaulTheSaltyDev We exist I promise. The really frustrating part on our end is how clueless many developers are about networking, Linux management, etc. To be sure most senior devs are fantastic but a lot of developers don’t spend the time to learn http in depth,tcp/ip, command-line use, etc. so when there’s a problem sometimes it comes down to a really simple, fixable issue that wasn’t communicated due to lack of knowledge.
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