I could not spot any female in SpaceX software team. Tell me I am wrong.

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    You are wrong to separate a group of people based on gender.
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    @BindView Aha, Thank you for guiding me. I was thinking I was wrong but i was not quite sure. Thank you for great comment. You changed my life.
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    You asked us to tell you that you are wrong so i did exactly that
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    @BindView And I thanked you for.
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    @Alice Well, I could not find anyone based on TV pics. Am I blind?
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    Oh no this fucking shit again... There could be many of them, perhaps either they were actually doing their best working in many background stuff and didnt had proper coverage like most of the time happens in life or iunno maybe there wasnt many of them to begin with, sucks but its reality, You are not just going to forcelly bring women into important positions to a billion dollars plan that could go Columbia Rocket disaster again (remember Spacex already had a rocket explode already) just for fucking brownie points of "Oh look at us being forcefully progressive n shit"
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    Everyone should just do the job they enjoy doing as long as it doesn't harm others
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    @irene you just made you 10 ++ points. You really are capable of penetrating.
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    Cause men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Space X goal is to go to Mars. Women don't understand the conditions and would not be able to even survive there but men feel right at home and can even walk around without a suit. Visit the Wikipedia article for more details.
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