Started learning node.js

Please bless me node devs 🙏🏻

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    $ npm install -g bless
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    Node is cool. As long as you're ready to handle a couple of frustrations.
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    May MDN be with you 🤖
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    I'm blessing you but I don't know why you need that :p
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    I bless you my child.
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    Welcome to ascension my child
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    Good choice
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    Error: missing dependency. Must know node.js before learning node.js.
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    Welcome to the shit show of npm 🙏
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    Enjoy your journey into Node! When you become frustrated with gulping, browserfying, and minifying just throw your hands up and say, "I've had it with JavaScript, I'm gonna learn Java!"

    Then enjoy your journey into Java! When you become frustrated with gradle scripts, bizarre yml configs, and exhaustive stream() expressions just throw your hands up and say, "I've had it with Java, I'm gonna learn C!"

    Then enjoy your journey in C! When you become frustrated with compiling errors, segfaults, and abstract library dependencies just throw your hands up and say, "I've had it with C, I'm..."

    Then go edit your resume with the word 'Senior' and auction yourself off to the highest salary in whatever language they want.

    Also by this time you'll be aware of some kind of vortex called 'the singularity' pulling you in. Just ignore that.
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    Bless is undefined

    Sorry for that :(
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    Don't do JavaScript. Drink the TypeScript cool-aid!
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    @k0pernikus nah m8 typescript isnt dat gr8.
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    @Hammster Hey, I didn't mean to like TypeScript. It just simplifies dealing with the weakly typed mess that is JavaScript that it became a no-brainer to me. VanillaJS feels weird when writing and arguing about.
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    @k0pernikus If i want strong and secure types i do rust and wasm. Not bashing typescript but i dont think it solves real js issues properly it just hides them behind a transpiler with type check and polyfills. There are things i like about typescript though, for example the tooling and opinionated aproches that lower the risk of accidental complexity. But in comparison to rustc its a joke :P
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    @Hammster I am not disagreeing with you. If you want to go for a different strongly typed language, be my guest :) Currently, I coding much more scala and am annoyed by the lack of functional programming within TypeScript. Yet that being said: TypeScript beats plain old JavaScript at any day.
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    May the async be with you
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    Node is modern php, an excellent thing when you just need a minimum viable product really quick, the duct tape of languages.

    Need cpu-heavy stuff? Use Go.
    Need complicated data transformations to be efficient? Use Clojure.
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    @uyouthe or haskell, seems to do well in computations and algos
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    Can one learn node.js without js?
    Asking..... For a friend that needs a rest api.
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