Got contacted by "cosmicjs" ( https://cosmicjs.com ) to build apps using the platform and blog about said apps.

Googling them, they got articles spread all over medium, by either the co-founder or the developers, praising it to be the better wordpress and how some seemingly paid twitter posts praise it too.

Apparently "Deutsche Bank" and Volkswagen, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, JPMorganChase use it, which I highly doubt, maybe somebody here can figure out if thats actually false claims, since googling any of those together obv. doesn't return anything, nor makes it sense why they would spend such a large amount on... nothing?..

That one might be just me, but then theres those comments from themselves on producthunt, praising it, though it seems they failed to logout or something? the one co-founder seems to be praising how easy it is to install, by talking about it like an external user?.. (screenshot in comments)

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