Bots are too predictable nowadays.

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    How cheap...
    And people really fall for that? 🙄
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    @nptr I tried, i think it would've given those responses regardless of what I said
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    I too like to play games. I recently got one on tumblr. Pissed me off honestly
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    Oh I was at Robert party. What a good time was had by all. We all shared credit card numbers for fun. /s
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    This reminds me of the tumblr bots. I think they have some keyword type of thing. If you tell them you're under 18 they stop messaging you.
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    I have never had one of these chats with a bot, mostly because I don't accept the friend request. If they're registered a few days ago, with a pixelated photo of a model half my age, from a country I've never been to that's a long haul flight or two away, and no mutual friends, seems completely legit.
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    wow you can't let her down, you have got to go there and sign up
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    Real grills only reply “I have a boyfriend”
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    I signed up from that link and writed to her. Waiting for response. Btw do chat sites really need credit cards?
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    @hack nope, debit cards will do
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    @hack alternate response: they need your credit card, because how else would they know your name?
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    @j4cobgarby oh thats right. Sorry for that stupid question.
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    Plot twist: her messages come in with a 2mins delay each and do not react to your messages at all.
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    @Jop- good point
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    I got redirected to a pr0n site. lol
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    @CozyPlanes are you surprised?
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    Her: guess why im writing to you?
    Me: you.. you too..
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    I like messing with bots for fun.

    Bot: “What are your kinks?”
    Me: “Seeing how many iPhones I can fit in my ass and then group calling all of them.”
    Bot: “That’s hot! Maybe I will seeing how many iPhones I can fit in my ass and then group calling all of them for you.”
    Me: “‘; DROP TABLE pornbot.email_addresses; ++”
    Bot: “Bitch, did you just try to perform a SQL Injection Attack on me?”
    Me: *rips the CAT5 cable out of the wall* “They are becoming self aware!”
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    I have a girlfriend. XD

    Also nice username. ++
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    i mean what do you expect on tumblr
    *edit - assuming you are on it, but i don't know
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