`aptitude update`
`aptitude upgrade`

[watches as PHP7.1 is replaced with PHP7.2 without confirmation]

[watches as sites cease to function because they're horrid and old and still rely on mcrypt]

I think I'll go get a beer...

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    Remove 7.2 and reinstall 7.1?
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    @ScribeOfGoD yeah I quickly rolled back to it and then had to remember what other modules it removed too (it removed php7.1-mcrypt and php7.1-mysqli too)

    I'm just waiting to find out there's something else I missed.
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    Can have multiple PHP pools og different versions running and point at em in vhost tho :)

    Relying on mcrypt ain't even that bad, try relying on predefined salt for password_hash
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    @lotd yeah we have a few SBS installs. And password_hash with salt? Pffft. I was amazed this thing even hashes passwords (although before I came along, the sign-in page was served over HTTP so, you know...)
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    ... and mbstring and curl...
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    That's why I love gentoo portage.
    It's horribly broken many times, can drive you mad sometimes but the amount of control over software and features is great. Just eselect which php version is going to be used and enjoy the beer 😊
    (I know apt has a similar feature to freeze packages but it's way less powerful)
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    I can recommend unattended upgrades and a blacklist og that way you don't have to update all the time and you don't fall behind because it's a tidious job
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