What if devRant was created by the NSA to make paranoid devs feel more comfortable and share some private information they wouldn't share on other social media?

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    Yo @dfox are you NSA?
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    dfox and trogus illuminati confirmed Δ

    Edit: also my ++ count ..... and gone
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    We can not confirm or denied this post
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    I heard Tim worked for the government 5 years ago. *--*
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    real "paranoid devs" won't use a closed-source clear web social network
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    @J-2FA I hope they do not keep ip address, but you can always use vpn
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    What if they created androids who pose as human developers and post on here? Ever considered that? No, you did not!
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    What is this "other social media"?
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    @J-2FA Our PII is pretty limited since this is designed as a psuedo anonymous community, so while we try our best, there is never a guarantee of complete privacy (some Bitcoin silk road folks are learning that the hard way) no matter what safe guards we might put in place.

    That said, please do not post anything here that is going to lead to us getting contacted by law enforcement... We don't have the financial resources to put up some big legal battle so please just be smart about it.
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