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    Conversation with my mom the other day:

    Mom - How do you use the screenshot button on the keyboard? (She has a Windows work laptop)

    Me - Just press it.

    Mom - I did that! It didn't do anything.

    Me - Lol it's not supposed to do anything. It takes a picture of whatever is on your screen and you have to paste it somewhere like Paint to save the image.

    Mom - Ohhh that's too much work. I use Snippit (or whatever the built in Windows screenshot app is called) and send it to myself in an email.
    She takes a screenshot, pastes it in an email, and sends it to herself to save it. Hm.

    Then she told me tonight that she needed to screenshot these questions in a quiz she was taking. I kid you not - she took a screenshot of 2 questions at a time, pasted them in an email that she sent to herself, and then printed the email. She did this for 40 questions so she printed out 20 emails with screenshots of quiz questions. She also printed out the 200 page manual she needs to study and deleted the pdf. Mom, seriously? What if you need to find something in that 200 page manual? It's so much easier to ctrl + F to find a specific word or phrase. Ohh it doesn't matter she says, there's an index.

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    Since Windows 8 you can win + print scr to save to file in your pictures directory.
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    @RobertSmits ohh nice! Good to know for my reference, but she's still on Windows 7.
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    I’m afraid this will be all of us in the future when our kids are working with better technology
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    Snipping Tool. it has a damn save button on the left of the email button... xD
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    If shes studying again you should help her out, gice her the tools to make her life easy
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    @xewl exactly my reaction XD
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    So many trees were destroyed while making this rant.
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    Teach her.
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    Lol just ctrl + P on the webpage
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    please think about the environment before printing this comment
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    I use
    It lets you crop and draw before saving the scrshot
    And you can also upload it to imgur directly
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    @rangler I second that with (:
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    If we start giving recommendations then I say ShareX.
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    I use Lightshot for screenshots...
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    @RobertSmits i would die without knowing that
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    This is kind of cute story. She at least knows what to do and doing it by herself. Unlike, others who leave it all to you to understand their problem and provide solution. Kudos to your mom. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
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    You can also use WIN + W to take a sc. Also you can crop and draw onto it. Idk why this feature is so hidden.
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    @alanaasmaa that's cool! thanks!
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