Building an account deletion logic for your app is like building your own grave..:/

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    At least folk won't go around the web complaining that they can't delete their account like with phpBB !
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    it all referred to the android ones instead of web based...
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    @irene the dumbness gave birth to rant :p
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    You could dump the entire account into an XML file and save that incase they want to restore it?
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    @irene yeah but then you can email the XML to the user and delete everything.
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    @irene yeah, sorry wasn't clear maybe... Script decides no login activity for 31 days warrants deletion, generates XML and emails, deletes account.

    If they want it back, they can resubmit XML for reintegration at a later date as a new user maybe... I dunno.
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    > no login activity for 31 days
    > warrants deletion

    I can't say I'm a fan of that !

    I just had to login to a site I hadn't used for 2 years, because they sent me an email saying, if you don't login, we'll delete your account !

    Another place, that I paid for, every year they would need me to login or they would delete my account and credits.

    As I was homeless for several years, I couldn't log in..

    Really annoying !
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    > That creates fragmentation which
    > will lead to performance degradation.

    Don't they, do a tidy up schedule from time to time ?

    Though I'm having a hard time trying to imagine how fragmentation does lead to performance degrading.

    I don't suppose you could explain in a few lines why that happens ?
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    So do databases generally keep all the data for one record in physical single sequential file space for quick access ?
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    That must play havoc when the size of the record increases !

    I thought these days everything was linked listed.
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    Is that why when I want to look at posts in a group on Facebook it takes like forever to show me the data. :-)
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