Soo, lets talk about deadlines and how often I come in trouble when there is one near. This week I have (had) three. So I had a lot of problems this week.

But, after all today was a really good day.

I deleted an production database, fucked up my laravel migrations and tomorrow we have to deploy another application. The app is still in development and the site isn´t finished yet.

Friday I need to launch another webapplication. Because I don't want to deploy webapps and apps on friday and I go snowboarding next week, I somehow convinced my client to launch it next week. He agreed with me, so that's a burden off my shoulder. And I'll have an extra day for fixing the last bugs.

Today I worked really hard and almost finished the last application. So I think after all I'll somehow manage it.

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    Good luck! I myself am currently skiing in Czech Republic. Somehow managed to finish all my tasks and passed all my exams. Hope you'll have great time off!
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