I taught myself to programm (properly) when I was 27. I got a job in 2016 as a junior developer but had to quit in early 2017 because I relocated with my partner to the Bay Area.
I'm finding it very hard to find work, no one looks at my CV seriously 😭
I turn 30 this year and I feel like I left things too late...
It's hard being a junior dev at 29 haha.

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    It will sound shitty as fuck. But fake it till you make it whilst at the same time building the skills to show for it.
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    I’m with @AleCx04

    Being late in the game doesn’t mean you can’t do the work, your just expected to be able to do more then you can at this age.

    If I was you, build up a portfolio of works / projects and build up your skill set, keep applying for jnr roles but if you can manage the work for a non jnr role or know enough of the requirements, give it a go.

    Also, Welcome to devRant 🙌
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    Somebody is going to cut you a break. Its coming.
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    It's not too late at all - I'm 32 and I'm just starting out. Pretty much everyone on my bootcamp was late 20's+. Most were in there 30's with a few 40+ people as well. Almost my entire cohort has been hired at this point and there's plenty more companies looking to recruit people every month.

    Keep working on projects and stay active in the community - make sure you are going to events/meetups, expanding your LinkedIn contacts, start a tech blog and post regularly etc. You're in an area famous for tech startups so you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Stick with it, you'll find somewhere awesome eventually 🙂
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    Thanks for the input everyone! Sometimes it really helps to hear I'm not alone in this struggle haha. 😊
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    Definitely not too late. I got started at 35, the computers filtered out most of my apps. The interview I did get I didn't get the job, but the guy I interviewed with--who I was going to replace--hired me at the company he moved to.

    Hang in there, you'll bust through soon.
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