Junior job requirements be like:
5 year experience in Php,
8 years experience in JavaScript,
Masters degree in CS,
10 years experience in React and or AngularJS

Worked for Microsoft in their first year.

Salary: 20k/PA 6 month performance review.

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    Just apply and walk in that bitch with the ego and intelligence of a fucking smooth criminal and you might just get hired anyway
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    Lol masters degree in cs
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    20k what? Bitcoins? Because if that's dollars, Euro, or pounds, that's not a posting. It's an insult.
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    That isn't great, but it's still well over 20k.
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    and 5 years XP in swift..
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    Reminds me of those requirements that ask for 5 years of experience with a framework which was publicly released 3 years ago.
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    And one sacrificial virgin. The Virgin could be the applicants themselves.
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    @MaiorEstupido we're looking for someone with 5 years of experience with Vue.js and React.js
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    Also, job is 3 months, contract to hire and they're definitely not gonna hire
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