Apple's marketing department are just dictionary junkies.

Have you guys read some of the latest Apple quotes for their products? You know, the ones where you visit the page and there's some large bold text summarising the product? Here's a few:

HomePod: "The new sound of home."
If you talk over my Spotify music YOU WILL BECOME THE NEW SOUND OF MY SHED.

iPhone X: "Say hello to the future."
E.Musk put a Tesla in space. Also the future can crash with a single character.

MacOS: "Your Mac. Elevated."
If you fly away I WILL use you as birthday balloon.

iPad Pro: "Anything you can do, you can do better."
SOONER OR LATER *Comment what you would put here*

But I mean hey. It sells right.
Reading it back maybe I'm just blind hating.

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    I saw someone comment on here that Apple is a marketing company first and then a tech company.
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    Makes sense. I'm sure we've all seen that YT vid on how Dre Beats are a fashion statement above all else. I mean it's interesting to say the least.
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    I also absolutely love the lack of technical info on Apple's website (which I browse regularly, for ironic amusement). They just assume all their customers are idiots. Go to the macOS part, scroll down to the section on Metal, read their description of it, and try to tell me what Metal actually is. You won't be able to. All they say is basically "Metal is an innovative thing that makes your GPU be better."

    Steve Jobs couldn't write a single line of code so....
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    SOONER OR LATER, "What's a computer?"
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    @tiberius1900 I wasn't going to go there, but since you did...

    There's reason #1 as to why I dislike Steve Jobs.
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    @jhh2450 Oh come on, that's hardly any reason to dislike Steve Jobs.
    I'm no Apple fan either but seriously, that guy was responsible for a whole lot of innovation in terms of making computers more accessible and friendly.
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    @RememberMe It's more like the fact he's painted as amazing and revolutionary coder when he didn't do shit. If Woz got a bit more credit, it'd be different.
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    @jhh2450 Jobs isn't famous because of his technical expertise (or lack thereof). At least, around here. Everybody knows Woz was astronomically better at technical stuff, but that's not all you need for a truly innovative company.
    I mean, look at Musk. He isn't a hardcore tech guy either.
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    You need to understand that Apple (this is not unique to Apple but they are a great example) products satisfy more than the need for technical devices. They also satisfy the need for status symbols (by being expensive and looking well designed). If you don't have such a need to fulfill (we as a developers and tech oriented ppl are more often interested in tinkering with stuff than status symbols, which is a need certain android distributions fulfill a lot better), you will think of Apple products as... well, bad, or unfit for its purpose (but it is you who defines the purpose, it is subjective). It is important to understand that different ppl have different needs, and products which satisfy those needs are best for them. The demand for status symbols and easy to use tech is extremely high (seriously so many fucking normies out there), and Apple products fit that perfectly.
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    Why is everyone taking this as an Apple bash? It's just poking fun at the marketing department quotes. I get that not everyone understands spec sheets or is impressed by the latest gimmicks. I was attempting to humorously point out the vagueness of them. I get that a single, few words cant say much but that doesn't mean some of us cant find some comedic value from them.
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