Clueless child thinks he got hacked.

So me and my friend were just messing around in class and he says to this other guy that he "hacked him" as a joke. He showed him a CMD shortcut of the file saying "[guys name] OS SYSTEM." He fucking fell for it. He actually thought a cmd renamed shortcut was his OS system and my friend could access it. He tried to grab his computer and delete it. My friend thought he was joking so he opened it and the kid actually screamed. We burst out laughing and make a scene. The teacher got kinda triggered so we stopped haha.

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    Pls don't hax my Instagram account Mr. Hackerman
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    50rry 4fr41d I 4lr34dy d1d. h5k4rm5n 0ut

    This is barely readable lmao
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    @h5k4rm5n Nah I got it first try.

    Im a hax0r man too! 😂😂
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    So the story is "one time I was a total asshole to some poor kid"? And then you ended your story, in which you are the villain, with a triggered joke... Well fucking done, jerk.
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    Well, first of all, it was my friend not me.. And second of all, he didn't actually mean to harm the kid he just joked around and didn't expect him to believe it. He said it was a joke after and apologised.

    You sound like a SJW just saying.

    f u c k o f f
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    You sound like an angry teenager who hasn't quite figured out yet that "lol we made this kid look stupid because he doesn't understand computers" doesn't make you cool.
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    Yo, I think you fuckwits need to calm down lmao. It was just a joke honestly you are just trying to make yourself look good.

    You are saying we "made fun of someone" we never actually made fun of him in real life, all I did was post this thread as a joke for others to laugh not for that guy to feel bad.

    And @lotd nice 2012 meme dude you are so funny I bet you have friends.
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    @h5k4rm5n thanks, i thought it was fitting.

    You're wrong ^^ i dont have many though, but those i have, are close :)
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