This is a long rant. Sorry in advance. I just want to let it all out.

I don't really know what John (not his real name) did to my boss, who I shall name as Steve. Does he have a personal grudge? Like wtf?

John wasn't even incompetent. He even helped us mobile developers in our designs using photoshop. He's flexible. Ok sure, he isn't a top performer, but he isn't a low performer either. But why the fucking hate? really.

We currently have a new project, and are assigned to our posts. Then Steve goes, "Ok John, you will remain in the old project." He already said it once, which is fine. But did he really have to bring it up EVERY TIME? "John doesn't have to go overtime because he's in the old project, so it'll only be us." Like really? Of course we know that. why do you have to keep repeating that John isn't included? He even pointed at John during this. John shouldn't have been in the meeting then. Dipshit.

There was a meeting with the Web team in regards to what the progress was. When it came to John, Steve had to say, "The design is so ugly." Ok.. first off, you are not the QA to say that. And everyone else says it's fine. Even the QA says it's fine. So wtf? Why do you hate him so much?

We have these friday meetings in where we present our topics to the team, like Object Oriented Programming, SDLCs, and the like. We presented our stuff, and Steve listened attentively to everyone. But when it came to John, guess what? he ain't listening. He's on his phone, on his EARPHONES even. fucking rude. When John finished, he said, "You didn't present everything." He talked for an hour and a half. His topic has many things. Of course he can't present everything. And that is all you have to say? What about the others then? The others didn't present everything but you didn't complain. Why do you have to humiliate him to everyone else?

Way to demoralize your employee. What a lead. Fucking piece of shit. I am treating John pizza since I can't do anything else for him. It's frustrating. I wouldn't be surprised is John left the company.

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    shit like that happens all the time and it's normally because of unfair shit really. Like John can be a good worker but if for some reason your boss hates him then fuckall and he will show it.
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    @AleCx04 It's a shame, really. John gets along with everyone except Steve. John's trying so hard, even until now.
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    #teamjohn #fucksteve
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    @Its-jAsE dude it's been only March and you have deleted your account for like gazillion time.

    And also fuck Steve. Or better, tell John to fuck Steve's wife 😫
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    I think john is waiting for the perfect time to rekt steve 🤔
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    Here's a story. Steve wants John to resign. Heard it from my boss (my real boss -- he takes care us in the android department). I don't think firing him is option since he's not a low performer. Steve's using cheap tactics to get rid of him. But John isn't backing out. Not yet, at least. I got his back.
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    sounds like Steve wants John to leave the company w/o firing him
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    little did Steve know that John had a very high -

    troll like - tolerance for bullshit...
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    Do a meeting where you dispute these feelings?
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