Had this PM who would call me while intoxicated mid afternoon. He would come up with these random ideas, and request them be implemented into the web app we were building for him. One time he called me saying "I have an idea for a page, but so far just the page's title. I'll call you back and tell you what to put on it."

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    I think it should be a requirement for PMs to know how to code
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    Hey, don't write him off man! Ever seen the film, "The Facebook?"

    It was created in one drunken drunken night. Seriously! ....well in a scene he did create a simple ass prototype (static html page) with peoples photos and names scraped out of (essentially) yearbooks (aka facebooks)

    if zuckerbitch can scrape html whilst drunk, I'm sure to come up with a revolutionary new algorithm and become a bizillionare! ...someday

    the thing about alcohol, it inspires the best ideas you'll never rembember;
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    This PM sounds like a blast to work with.
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    @xroad let's start with a requirement to be able to manage projects, that would help.
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    Kinda want to work with your pm
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