Client: Hey, you're the IT guy right?
Me: Hey, how can I help?
Client: Yeah for some reason I've lost power to my computer
Me: *Checks power, all computers are down due to a power cut*
Me: You'll have to contact your power supplier as you've lost power to all computers and lights.
Client: What, but the computers are not working right? - that's you're job not mine
Me: That's not how it works.
Client: Fix this or I'll bill you for the loss of money we've encountered during this and report this to your boss.
Me: How about I bill you for my time and advice and inform by boss that you tried to blame me for a power cut.
Client: You can try.
Me: *walks off and puts time in the ticket, requests purchasing to send an invoice*

2 Days later:
The client does not pay the invoice.
Me: (phone call) Hi, an invoice has been sent to you and we haven't received payment yet.
Client: were not paying that, you broke our power and made our computers break
Me: null

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    Seriously. Just tell me that you made this up.

    Dont say its reeal
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    @zokazavevu I can't prove it :(
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    Thats so bad i dont even feel like upvoting it.. Gonna do it anyway tho.
    Did your client live in a cave the past century?
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    I hope that was one giant fucking bill you sent him
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    @zokazavevu seems like the end of world if these people are real
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    @jelleken Yeah, you could say that.
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    Sue the pants off of him for not paying!
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    Me: null

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    @Segeco I WILL NOT PAY!
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    What a shit client ... Put bulb in is ass and light it up ... Freking braindead
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    Why doesn't companies have a iq test for bosses and such?
    I work in a specialize industry (molding) and tought that everyone on my company would be genius...
    But no... One of the best companies in the area and most of the workers are dumb as shit...
    And the bosses? Eh...
    Well... Guess that cave man still exists
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    Btw if the power shortage was not only on that company there will be records in the power supply company...
    And that jerk will never win in court or anything like that... Like... All the computers were down because of the power cut, how could you do that? Only a cave man would think like that
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    What an age we live in where people don't understand electricity.
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    I like how it was: our computers are down and you need to fix it

    and then it is: you broke their power resulting in breaking their computers

    Just keep a spare stressball in your pocket when you visit clients, you need it I'm sure
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    @zokazavevu I work as a Linux server engineer and support guy and I can tell you in all honesty that this kinda shit does happen 😥
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    I would destroy that guy for being so annoying.
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    Sue for non-payment and theft of services? Also commenting a link to your court case documents will prove if your rant is real or not.
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    Username checks out
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    Please kill me with a power cable. This shit cant be real.
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    I don’t believe this is real. No one, not even the most ignorant cunts in existence are going to *actually* try and blame IT for a power cut to the building.
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    That's like blaming the mechanic because you don't have gas in your car and it wont start. What a dumbass
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    If they dropped their PC in a tub full of water, would they say it's your fault because the PC doesn't work? 😂
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    For the benefit of the human race, I hope you are making this up.
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